Who is Happy Paws Dog Treats?

Chloe, Ethan, Lola

Many people have asked us, who started Happy Paws Dog Treats, and why? Well to introduce ourselves a little bit, Chloe and I were first introduced to each other through a mutual friend, and we have been dating ever since. We have many similar interests such as movies, music, cooking and animals. Since we were both animal lovers, we became upset when Chloe’s dog, Lola, started walking strangely. For some reason, Lola stopped walking her back right leg and we had no idea why. We took her to a vet, but the vet was unsure why she would not use her back leg. She was unable to climb the stairs of house and would barely walk at all. We tried many remedies that we read about online, but nothing seem to work. We eventually accepted this as the her new normal and tried to carry her as much as possibly so she would still be able to come along with us. It was not until a few months later, that our friend suggested putting CBD oil in her water to see if it would help at all. Lola, at times, can be a difficult dog, so whenever we put the pet friendly CBD oil in her water, she would not drink the water. We tried putting it on her food, but she would eat all of the food EXCEPT the food that we had put the oil on. In one last attempt, we decided to put it directly into her mouth using a tincture. Within an hour, we watched in amazement as she lowered her back right paw all the way to the ground, something she had not down in a long time. She did not start walking on her paw for a few more days, but with time, she started walking on all four legs again! Since seeing the success that CBD oil had on our dog, we decided to make it apart of her regular diet. As you can imagine, administering the oil can be a very difficult thing to do, which is why we started Happy Paws Dog Treats. The easiest way that we were able to give Lola her CBD dog oil, was but putting inside of her favorite dog bone. We do not share this story as a way to try and convince anyone to buy our bones. We tell this story, so that dog and animal lovers will have a resource and a success story to learn from. Like all things in life, please consult a doctor and other articles to decide what is best for you and your dog.



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